Must-Read Acacia Wood Flooring Reviews

Have you ever visited a place with Acacia wood flooring? What would you say when you see the flooring at the first sight? Despite the affordable price offered by the flooring, it comes with the gorgeous look.

However, the great appearance and price affordability are not the only reasons why people keep falling in love with the flooring.

In these times of ours, let’s take a deeper understanding about this flooring to ensure whether it will fit your personal choice as well as your “On budget” situation.

Thus, we come with the section of Acacia wood flooring in general, Acacia wood flooring pros and cons, how to find the high quality Acacia wood flooring, cost and durability as well as the best brands to pick up Acacia wood.

Acacia Wood Flooring Reviews
Acacia Wood Flooring Reviews

Acacia Wood Flooring in General

If you are expecting to have a flooring with the most distinctive and unique look, Acacia wood flooring gets you covered.

Yes, it is just a custom-designed flooring type you can pick up for your home sweet home.

In fact, Acacia wood has a rustic appeal and wonderful color selections, making it be the top selection of all flooring type and increasingly popular not only for residential use but also for commercial buildings.

Supported by the trendy look of Acacia wood, more and more people begin to consider installing the flooring since they know there is no other wood by Acacia is able to deliver the most desired appearance.

Acacia Wood Flooring Pros

There are so many reasons underlying people’s decision of why they keep choosing Acacia for their home flooring.

Those include the high durability, easy maintenance, mold and mildew resistant, distinctive look, eco-friendly feature, wide varieties and room design enhancement that we are going to review in the following sections.

High Durability

One of the most highlighting characteristic of Acacia wood is the fact that it is naturally hard. Believe it or not, according to the Janka Hardness Rating, the large leaf of Acacia is rated 1700 while the small leaf variety comes with 2200 hardness rating.

Believe it or not, this rating is much higher than the other popular hardwood variants such as maple and oak. If maple and oak are well-known for their durability, then you cannot ignore Acacia’s.

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Simply to understand, the harder the wood is, the better it would hold up the wear and tear.

Furthermore, Acacia is less vulnerable to dents and scratches. Thus, Acacia wood flooring is considered the best options for families with pets and kids.

Considering that there are a wide selection of Acacia wood based on its thickness, the durability of the wood will be able to last 50 to 100 years.

Easy Maintenance

The second reason why people love using Acacia for their home flooring is the easy maintenance. Truly, Acacia is coated by the natural wax to give a protection from swelling and warping as well as from the pet’s nails that are sharp enough to cause scratches on the floor.

To get rid of dust, dender, pet hair and other small particles, you can simply do the regular maintenance such as sweeping and vacuuming while damp mopping is needed only to treat the harder dirt. Isn’t this easy at all?

More Resistant to Mold and Mildew

Acacia wood flooring can even be the perfect option especially for those who are too sensitive to mold and mildew.

Particularly, both solid and engineered acacia wood flooring are naturally resistant to mold and mildew, making them the best options for kitchen where the high moisture may be the main issues for most wood flooring.

Distinctive Look

As we have stated previously, Acacia wood flooring comes with the distinctive looks, make the floors unique with its own beauty.

The colors range from the golden tans, deep dark browns, lighter shades of brown to some-off white colors. Thus, you can expect to have the flooring colors out of the color shades mixed.

Furthermore, Acacia wood also comes with the unique style and beauty to transform your spaces into the more attractive zone at home.


Due to the fact that Acacia trees grow rapidly, it makes the flooring sustainable to use soon. Both Acacia plantation and harvesting is managed well, thus, the manufacturers can keep producing the floor to meet the people’s need.

Furthermore, manufacturing Acacia wood floors need only a little emission, allowing it to be a green option, reusable and even recyclable.

Wide Varieties of Acacia Wood Flooring

Don’t hesitate the fact that Acacia offers the wide varieties to opt. From solid and engineered Acacia wood to laminate one, all is available for you.

Moreover, there is also a big selections of colors, styles, widths, patterns and wood finishes that you can easily find on the dealers.

Room Design Enhancement

One more reason why people love Acacia wood flooring is the capability of the flooring to enhance any room design. Due to the unique element offered by this wood flooring type, any space design will just fit the floors and unite to create the more exotic look for your room.

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In short, Acacia wood flooring works well mostly on all types of room design.

Acacia Wood Flooring Cons

Now that you have known more why people love having Acacia wood flooring, it is the best time to know why people dislike this flooring, too.

There are some facts of Acacia wood flooring that makes people think twice before they finally make a purchase. Those are the expensive price, limited size of planks, capability of having defects, and more prone to buckling.

More Expensive

Compared to hardwood flooring, Acacia is more expensive. This is because it has some great features that the hardwood cannot deliver.

Though it has been stated that Acacia is less expensive than the wonderful hardwood, you may spend more on the native species.

Luckily, an expensive price or cost do value how much you pay, meaning that you won’t feel disappointed of having such floors.

Limited by Size of Plank

Though Acacia wood flooring has a wide selections to opt, the length of planks is produced limitedly. Even the longest planks are only four feet long. This is caused by Acacia trees that grow very short.

In addition, the wood milling process is also less than two feet only.

Capability of Having Defects

Other reason why Acacia wood flooring is less valued is the capability of having defects and variations. It is just very common to see some knots and defects in some species of Acacia wood.

In addition, the process of harvesting Acacia wood as well as the packaging process may cause the wood to have knots.

Prone To Buckling

One time, Acacia is so stable. Other time, it can be very buckle. This way, it can shrink separate and buckle if you are not properly acclimated it.

The best way to prevent this issue is to carry out the acclimation before the installation.

How To Find The High Quality of Acacia Wood Flooring

So you want to search an find the high quality of Acacia wood flooring, well, this is the right way to go. Be sure that most home improvement stores sell acacia wood flooring.

This way, the high quality of Acacia doesn’t mean that it is the most expensive. Instead, you had better choose the one with FSC certified plantation.

Besides, you can also find it by choosing the brands of reputable companies.

Acacia Wood Flooring Cost

 In some cases, Acacia wood flooring can be more expensive, but in some other case, it can be less expensive.

In this regards, solid acacia wood flooring is ranging from $2 to $8 per square of foot while the engineered version is about $6 to $8 per square foot.

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Meanwhile, the acacia laminate wood flooring runs from $0.80 to $3.60 per square foot.

On the other hand, the cost of installation ranges between $3 and $8 per square foot for the solid and engineered wood flooring and $1.50 to$3.50 per square foot for Acacia laminate.

Acacia Wood Flooring Durability

It has been explained that Acacia wood flooring is highly durable, however, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be prone to damage.

This way, the durability of acacia wood flooring depends much on the way you are maintain the floors and where you install them.

The Best Brands of Acacia Wood Flooring

If you insist on purchasing this flooring type, make sure you visit one of the best brands below:

  • Quality Flooring 4 Less

This is the large acacia wood flooring option which include Mohawk, Bruce, Armstrong and Shaw in the collection.

These brands have been awarded by Houzz in 2016, meaning that the products are good and much satisfying the consumers.

  • Menards

Menards offers Acacia wood flooring including solid and engineered options. They also offer the acacia laminate version by Mohawk.

  • Floor and Décor

There is a wide selection available in Floor and Décor. Typically, the store sells mostly solid and engineered wood flooring but the laminate version is also available.

From smooth to handscraped styles, the colors and styles are variously available to meet your expectation.

  • Lowes

There are also some big selections offered by Lowes. Those are the brand FLEXCO and USFloors, Pergo and Congoleum.

Solid and engineered planks as well as the laminate version are the favorable options on the store. Furthermore, the customers’ reviews do appreciate the flooring types sold by Lowes.

  • Lumber Liquidators

Other best brands of Acacia wood flooring can be purchased on Lumber Liquidators including the brand Virginia Mill Work, Pride, Builders and Bellawood.

Similar to its competitors, solid, engineered and laminate flooring types are the ones that are widely purchased on the store.

  • Home Depot

Here you can search and find the high quality Acacia wood flooring, too. The top brands that this store presents are TrafficMatter, Pergo and Home Legend.

Solid, engineered and laminate floorings are the variants you can always opt along with many kinds of different options.

In Home Depot, the planks sizes are available in four to six inches. However, there is also another variety of planks you can always opt.

Final Words

Now that you know lots about Acacia wood flooring, make sure you know which types of the wonderful Acacia you may want to pick up.

You can surely refer to this review anytime to ensure the best decision you want to make about the home flooring.